International Women's Day

Why We Celebrate


Color Story

Our Ecru leather was chosen for its versatility and neutral color, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. At the same time, Orchid is a bold and unique pop of color that is bound to brighten any outfit or occasion.

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Apparel for All

We chose a wearable and versatile black sweatshirt with a bright Orchid pop of color for our exclusive My Girl Stories sweatshirt to align with Jasmine's vision of versatile and comfortable apparel for all sizes.

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Design Elements

Both of our Moxie Harper and Felicity Isla statement styles feature sketchbook-inspired design elements that can be seen throughout Ampersand Design Studio's extensive collection of wall prints, home decor, and apparel.

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Nickel & Suede

Kilee Nickels

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My Girl Stories

Jasmine Green

Ampersand Design Studio

Carrie Kiefer & Morgan Georgie