Afterglow Superstars
Afterglow Superstars
Afterglow Superstars

Afterglow Superstars

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14k gold-filled ear wire or sterling silver ear wire
Nickel free
One Size (3")
Patent Pending

The popular Superstars are back with an update that we think you'll love. With sterling silver wire hoops and a star in our shimmering black Afterglow leather, these are sure to show off your star power with any outfit.

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Afterglow Superstars

Our Superstars and Sweethearts are offered in one size only. They are comparable to our Teardrop size Medium (2.5"). Measurement includes the leather piece and wire hoop. *Small and Large Teardrop used for size comparison.

See the full size chart for more details.

For more details, visit our Product Care page here.