4th of July Jewelry Inspo 🍒🌭 - Nickel & Suede

4th of July Jewelry Inspo 🍒🌭

The week before the 4th = scrolling on Pinterest for apple pie recipes, the best firework shows annnnnd of course "red, white and blue aesthetic outfits".

If this is you– we bet you've found cute clothes but we also have just the right accessories that you can wear on and after the holiday! Here are some of our favorites...

1. Cool Girl Picnic Vibes // For the girl who is going to the parade and has the full day itinerary planned 🧺

Jewelry styled: Star Studs, Donut hoops, Black Verona Belt Bag, Paper Clip Bracelet + Cherry Charm


2. Lake Life Chillin' // For the girl who just bought a watermelon-slice pool raft and is ready lounge the whole day. 🌊

Jewelry styled: Soda Tab Necklace, White Sweetheart Huggies, Red Hoops, Red Crystal Studs


3. 4th of July Hostess // Everyone wants to come to your place– you make the best flag cake and have sparklers for the cutest photos. 🍰

Jewelry styled: Pomegranate Florence Earrings, Paper Clip Bracelet, Peach Charm, Cherry Charm, Lucia Ring, Pearl Ear Cuff + Chain, Red Card Case, Dome Ring 


4. Fourth Festival Girl // You're on aux with the coolest playlist + you have the cutest, secret location to watch the fireworks show. 🎡

Jewelry styled: Cherry Earrings, Delta Star Earrings, Cowgirl Boot HuggiesRings, Pearl Bracelet 

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