With Quality
Comes Confidence

At Nickel & Suede, we’re in the business of confidence.
And we know you can’t feel confident in something that isn’t well made.
That's why we use premium Italian leather and 14k gold plated or sterling silver hardware for our signature lightweight statement earrings.
We design to inspire confidence and make every day brave.

Designed for the Every Day Brave

Perfected Techniques

Luxe Materials


Select Leathers are our highest-quality, most firm full-grain leather. Perfect for our designs that require more structure like our hoops and bigger statement pieces.

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Embossed leathers are the most versatile leather in our designs. Embossed leathers can be cross-hatched, pebbled, hammered, or patterned, and allow us to get the most creative in our designs.

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Suede is softest, lightest weight, and the most comfortable. These styles are treated to ensure the durability of the texture.

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