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A Guide To Creating The Perfect Ear Stack

While the saying “less is more” holds true in some cases, we beg to differ when it comes to crafting the perfect ear stack. 
At Nickel & Suede we are all about curated jewelry, just for you. Whether you lean towards simple studs, effortless drops, must-have hoops, or our personal favorite, the faithful huggies, we’ve got your style needs covered. Whether you are a dainties style or love to be big and bold, we ensure the right earrings for you to make your perfect ear stack. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are a few style tips to guide you in crafting an ear stack that’s bound to capture attention.

Go Big, Go Bold, Go Hoops

All of our jewelry is nickel free, tarnish resistant, and waterproof. Yes, that includes our beloved hoops and huggies. Featuring our fan-favorites midi hoop, that adds the perfect amount of edge to your everyday look. Any of our midi hoops or hoops are perfect for your first piercing. Stacking up with a few huggies, ear cuffs, or a small dainty stud still allows your hoops to get the attention. From all shapes, sizes, and thickness, we want to find the perfect hoop for you. 
Gold Hoops

Up & Up 

We’ve got earrings, you’ve got the piercings, let’s fill them all the way up. Can’t decide on what’s your favorite. Hoops? Studs? Dainties? Huggies? Suspenders? Why decide on one, when you can use them all. Arranging an ear stack the first few times can be intimidating, but don’t worry we can help with that. Arranging your ear stack from smallest to largest is our recommendation, while keeping it fun and playful. The perfect ear stack starts with a stud or suspender, add your favorite huggies, and top it off with a dazzling statement drop earring or a bold hoop. 
Ear stack
To add some playfulness in your ear stack, instead of opting for a huggie, try one of our threader earrings. It’s important to mix and match styles that you let customize your look, while creating an effortless style to switch things up daily. This approach is perfect for those who find it challenging to decide which earrings to wear each day.

This Stacking Is Off The Hook, Literally. 

Not a fan of hook earrings, try a chain. It’s the perfect indispensable addition to any ear stack, and when you try it, you won’t be able to live without it. Chains are perfect for adding a unique customized look for your ear stack truly captivating the essence of your style.
Threader Earrings
Embrace the playfulness in threaders on your bottom or second piercings, or try out chain huggies on your cartilage piercings. Thread it through your ear or off your ear with drop huggies. It’s the perfect way to capture an ensemble of fun and playfulness to your ear stack. 

Pop The Colour

If you love color, why not add it in your ear stack? Is there such a thing as too much color? Try our Birthstone Huggies or a colorful statement earring that captures the essence of you and your style.
seed bead earrings
Don’t be afraid to try some color on your seconds or thirds with colorful climbers either. The most important rule is finding a color and style that resonates with you.

Mix All The Metals

The most intimidating part about creating an ear stack to many is mixing metals. Many of us either sway to gold or silver, but never mix the two. Curating an ear stack doesn’t mean you need to stick just one metal though, try mixing gold and silver together for a beautiful shine.
mixed metal jewelry
If you’re all about silver statements, try the Silver Donut Hoops or Silver Chloe Hoops with our Gold Ramona Threaders or Pearl Threaders to elevate your ear stack. Or if you’re looking for a minimalistic ear stack, try stacking either our Gold Essential Huggies with our Silver Ball Studs or, a fan favorite, Nickel & Suede’s Silver Zodiac Studs for the cherry on top.

Cuff It Up

If you’re falling for the ear stack look, why not effortlessly layer it more with ear cuffs? If you don’t have a piercing in your cartilage or even more than one or two, don’t worry ear cuffs do all of the effortless work for you, no piercing required.
Ear Cuffs
Ear cuffs can bring the pop of color, the mixed metals, or layer minimalist look you’ve been searching for. Find a cuff that resonates with you and your style, and add it to your favorite ear stack or set of earrings for that meaningful stack.


Shop our collection of Earrings to curate your perfect ear stack. Need more inspiration, look at our curated Ear Stack collection we've made just for you! 
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