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Act of Kindness: Buy One Give One

Our Buy One Give One sale is finally here!! We originally started this campaign in 2015 and it has been a customer favorite every year since. The event began as a effort to celebrate and to help our customers celebrate Do Something Nice Day, October 5th. Our founder Kilee had the idea to create a unique spin on a BOGO sale. Customer were encouraged to buy a single pair of leather earrings and Nickel & Suede would include a second pair to gift. We can't think of anything nicer than an unexpected gift and our customers immediately jumped on the chance to spread kindness.  Any day is a good day to express kindness, and every year these earrings bring a smile to faces all over the world. 

B1Give1 began in 2015, but it really took off in 2016. Women were so excited about this spin on BOGO that told everyone they knew. It's such a thrill to pick out new earrings, and it's even more fun to find just the right woman to gift them too! Every year we plan and prepare months ahead for this short promotion. From leather earrings to statement earrings to dainty hoops, we start planning early in the year.  Thousands of leather earrings are made by our small, but mighty production team in Kansas City in the months leading up to this event and then the whole team joins forces to ship over 10,000 orders in the week following the promotion. When we say it's a big event, our team means it!Over the years over 15,000 women have participated in this promotion and spread Nickel & Suede earrings to teachers, nurses, sisters, moms, friends and strangers too. We love hearing about the planned and often random ways that our peices are given out to deserving women everywhere. We've heard stories of customers gifting them to hair dressers, waitresses, teachers, friends and more. Our favorite idea is keeping an extra pair in a purse or in the car for the perfect, unexpected moment to gift!

How does it work?

To participate in the event- shop our B1Give1 Collection and select your favorite pieces. Be sure to add TWO to cart and the lower priced item will be free. Shop as much as you want, but don't delay because items may sell out and the event only lasts 48 hours!

When is the event?

B1Give1 starts October 6, 2023 at 6am CST and ends October 8, 2023 at 6am CST.

How can I help?

First, shop the event and then take the time to give a second pair away. Let us know how you shared- we love to hear it! We'd also love for you to let your friends and family know about Nickel & Suede and this promotion. It's such a fun one to shop!

This year of B1Give1 is of course going to be the best yet! We've designed over 16 new products for this promotion- and there is something for EVERYONE. We're loving the fall tones, holiday nods and classic pieces in this line-up. You truly can treat yourself and so many other deserving women. Be sure to share this event before it's over- it's truly our best sale of the year and it means so much to use when you spread the word and help others do nice things! 

For more information about the promtion read our FAQ and shop the collection for a limited time here.

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