Deck the Halls - Holiday Inspiration - Nickel & Suede

Deck the Halls - Holiday Inspiration

Timeless Tinsel: For the most glamorous time of the year, our holiday collection is full of sparkle. From chain details, crystal ear cuffs, and leather embossed with metallic shine, these accessories are destined to make every outfit a bit more festive. Holiday parties are just around the corner and your outfit deserves to be elevated by a curated look of twinkling accessories.

Seasonal Hues: Our collection embraces the classic charm of red and green, adding an elegant hue of pale pink into the holiday color palette. The shade of pink adds a touch of romance and warmth to the traditional colors of the season. Wear it in a crystal stud, hair bow, or statement piece to celebrate every moment with love and style.

Beautiful Blossoms: The enduring beauty of florals throughout the chilly winter weather is captured in the patterns of this collection. The rosette is meticulously crafted to be worn at any festivity. The minimalist florals imprinted on our Italian leather blends the traditional colors of the season in a new way. Style creatively, using this inspiration to accentuate a little black dress, sweater set, or simple layered look.

Style the Stack: The season is all about statements, but we all know the moment is in the details. The new collection of small, intricate baguette crystal studs is the perfect addition to any ear stack. For a minimal look add a crimson or evergreen crystal stud to achieve that festive feel. A statement earring may just be missing a small stud or gemstone lined hair clip to complete the look.  

nickel and suede holiday
midnight floral nina
rosette choker nickel and suede
Nickel & Suede holiday handbag
Nickel & Suede Marq holiday leather earringafterglow nickel and suede holiday handbag


nickel and suede holiday

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