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More Than A Mom: But Also A Mom

This month I've been sharing a lot of thoughts and tips about being a mom while also investing in yourself. And while I do believe in taking time for you, when it comes down to it most of my time is spent doing mom things.
There can be a lot of chaos with five boys and a lot of places to be, but one thing that brings me great joy is having just the right thing in my big ole mom-bag. I typically carry a huge tote and it's jam-packed. But for good reason! Having a Band-Aid when it's called for or Chapstick or a snack at just the right time is my favorite thing. I love having a Hot Wheel at the ready or a safety pin when an emergency pops up. Those are the times when I feel most like I have my life together. You just can't beat it. 
Today I wanted to share a few things I always keep in my bag for all of my on-the-go days. It's a bit of a Mary Poppins situation, but it works!
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Kilee's Mom-Bag Must-Haves:

- Extra phone charger/cord

- Makeup extras (concealer, powder, lip liner, gloss, and a blush stick)

- Sunnies (Usually 2-3 pairs)

- Water bottle 

- Bobby pins and a safety pin or two, IB Profin & bandaids (find all in this cute kit!) 

- Crystal Light packets (with caffeine of course)

- Notebook + a few pens

- sunscreen stick 

- granola bar or two + fruit snacks

- a Hot Wheel and/or these puzzles

- Tripod (never know when you'll need it!)

- Baseball cap

- Gum (mint and fruity for all ages of kids)

- $5 in cash

- Baby wipes (there is no aging out of these. So useful!)

Each season brings new needs and I've been known to fit a full sweatshirt, change of shoes and more into my mom-bag. But as a mom or the "mom" of your friend group, you just gotta be prepared. There's no telling when you'll get your next chance to say "ah, I have just the right thing!" 

Check out our ON-THE-GO MOM Gift Guide for more ideas to gift mom and the women in your life who are always on the go- and by that I mean all of them!

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