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More Than A Mom: 10+ Tips For Self-Care

As moms, and women, we are so gifted at taking care of others. We're great at seeing needs and finding ways to meet them. We might be great gift givers, intentional listeners, the thoughtful friend who sends a text at just the right time, the one who sends a birthday card. 
But don't often give ourselves the same treatment! So many women neglect the little things that make them feel special. I'm a big believer in self-care and frankly, I just love a lot of beauty products and routines! But not all self-care looks like makeup or nails, so today I'm sharing a list of ideas to get you thinking and on your way. We all have different ways that we feel 'treated' so identify yours and make it easy to treat yourself. Not everyone loves a manicure, but if you can find the thing that helps you take care of you, you're heart-plant will continue to grow and blossom.
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10+ Ideas for Treaing Yourself

- Get your nails done (mani + pedi for bonus points)

- Try an ice roller fresh from the freezer in the morning

- Take time to read/listen to a fun book

- Subscribe to your favorite magazine

- Apply self-tanner and Whitestrips- a tan makes everything feel better

- Get your colors done by a House of Color rep

- Buy your favorite drink for you and keep it stocked

- Find a favorite perfume. Wear it daily.

- Go on a walk with a fun playlist

- Splurge on new shampoo and conditioner

- Book a spa service for something new

- Update your makeup bag with new blush, lip gloss and a new eye palette

- Light a candle in your favorite scent- daily

- Buy some new plants for your home or office

You are so good at taking care of other people, think of this as an assignment, even a permission slip to push you to take care of you. Consider this your permission to steal a few ideas and start today!
XO, Kilee


Check out our SELF-CARE MOM Gift Guide for more ideas to gift mom and the women in your life who love or deserve a little extra self-care!

self care mom gift guide

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