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Put a Pin in It- Customizable Safety Pin Jewelry

Safety pin necklace | Nickel & Suede

Let's talk about one of our favorite unique themes lately: safety pin jewelry. It's such a cool and versatile way to add a bit of edge and personality to your look. Between safety pin necklace, safety pin bracelet and safety pin earring options, there are so many ways to wear the trend. We love the casual cool way a safety pin peice can make a bracelet stack or necklace layer feel special. 

safety pin bracelet | Nickel and Suede

So, the biggest reason we love our safety pin jewelry – it's all about options and customization! Let's start with the safety pin bracelet. It's simple, yet edgy, and it's easy to put on by yourself. The bolo style makes it so easy to adjust. And guess what? You can add your own charms, trinkets, and letter beads to make it totally unique to you. Choose numbers or letters when you order, but you can change what is on your bracelet as often as you want.

silver safety pin bracelet | Nickel & Suede

Now, onto the safety pin necklace. This piece is a classic oval link or paper clip chain with a little edge. It's the perfect balance between classic and creative. And just like the bracelet, you can customize it to your heart's content. Add charms, letters, or even small pendants to create a necklace that speaks volumes about your individual style.

safety pin necklace in silver | Nickel and Suede

Our newest and easiest to wear safety pin jewelry style is our safety pin earrings! These little threaders are the epitome of effortless cool. Open them up and slip them in like you would an actual safety pin. These pins are 14 karat gold plated or rhodium plated, perfect for sensative ears. 

So, whether you're feeling inspired by Anne Hathaway's MET look or simply want to elevate your everyday style, safety pin jewelry from Nickel and Suede is the way to go. We can't wait to see how you customize and style your safety pin jewelry.

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