Top Ten Trends for Spring - Nickel & Suede

Top Ten Trends for Spring

This year's spring trends are SO. MUCH. FUN. There are so many fun colors, textures and a lot of shimmer. Today I've pulled together all of my favorite trends from the runway and street style for you to bookmark as you shop and get dressed this Spring. 

Top 10 Spring Trends 

1. Pastels- Pastels are always a good idea for spring- and this year is no different. Choose pastel pink, purple, green or yellow. It's really about how you wear them. I'm loving a basic sweater paired with a pleated skirt, pastel trousers with a white button up or even suggest a matching pastel suit set! I really love monochromatic looks, but don't be afraid to pair a pastel with one other pastel hue this year. Shop all the pastel here

spring pastel earrings

2. Disco details- Think silver, think disco, think fun! This spring disco balls are still very on-trend. Our Disco Nina's in Soft Sand or Gray are the perfect party accessory. But I'd also wear them with a fun graphic tee. These are festival earrings at their finest! You can also apply this trend with your make-up. Try a shimmery shadow or highlighter.

3. Denim and more denim- Denim is one of my favorite materials and I own an obsene number of denim jackets. But this spring denim is back in some fresh ways. Denim skirts are trending- especially high volume maxi styles. More ideas are to pair a denim shirt with jeans or try a jumpsuit. We love our disco earrings with denim.

4. Satin skirts- Skirts are everywhere this season, but satin skirts have especially be making a comeback. I love wearing these in fun colors paired with a knit sweater. The fabric contrast is just so pretty. Try our Cleo style with this trend.

5. Pleated skirts- Speaking of skirts, pleated skirts are also still very relevant. I love that you can often find these at the thrift store and give them a new life! Look for ones in pastel hues or metallics- I love my silver one! Try a soft Florence style with the structured pleats of these skirts. 

green metallic earring6. Wide leg pants- This year volume ont the bottom is king. Wider leg pants have been slowly making their way back- and I'm here to tell you they have arrived. This applies to denim, suiting, trousers, you name it. I love these hoops if you are looking for something fun to pair with some wider denim.

7. Lilac- I already mentioned lilac in our pastel trend, but it deserves another mention. Purple is everywhere this spring. We saw a lot of Royal purple last Fall in Italy, and the pastel purple has certainly arrived. Wear this every. which. way. You can wear a purple sweatsuit, purple sweaters, and of course purple leather earrings. 

8. Silver and gold- Metallics are another unexpected trend this spring. You always see metallics in jewelry, but I'm also seeing them in shoes, clothing and bags. Silver and gold are both equally popular- especially as silver makes a come-back. Shop my favorite silver styles here. 

pink chunky hoops

 9. Barbiecore- Pink continues to be important! Pink is such a happy color and pairs well with nearly all pastels. We have so many pink leather earrings- but this season we added a pink chunky acrylic hoop to the mix. 

10. Cargo pants- This is a style that takes a minute to figure out how to wear, but it is pretty high on the trend list of what's making a comeback. Not everybody can wear it- the extra pocket volume can be tricky on some body types. But if you know me, you know that I'm all about just rocking whatever you like. I just thrifted some this week, but there many options to be found in the marketplace. For a cargo pant look, I'd choose these earrings and this necklace to accessorize. 

For more spring trend inpso- check out this post about what inspired our Spring Collection!


XO, Kilee

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