Your Next Favorite Pair of Leather Earrings - Nickel & Suede

Your Next Favorite Pair of Leather Earrings

If you have been with the brand since the early days, you know that our heritage shape, the OG, the classic original- was the Teardrop shape. We've sold hundreds of thousands of teardrop leather earrings since 2014. And it's easy to see why! It's the perfect, classic shape that made getting dressed and accessorized super easy. We've loved offering it in myriad of sizes and colors and patterns over the years. Other early shapes that have been classics over the years are our Nova and our patented Gem shape. Both were also super easy to wear and added a fun or an edgy element to every outfit. 
Since those early days, we have added quite a few other earring shapes and styles. There have been some that are incredibly ornate and others that are delicate and dainty. We've expanded our range and today we're sharing some tips for helping you expand too! If you love our classic shapes like the Teardrop, the Nova and the Gem, we have some suggestions on other styles you're sure to love as well! 

nickel and suede leather earrings

If you love the Teardrop shape, you probably lean toward simple and versatile when it comes to getting dressed. Your wardrobe might range from graphic tees to basic sweaters, but you like to keep things easy. The Teardrops are a great way to stay simple and make decisions easy. We get it! If this is you- we'd recommend you also give these styles a try. They are also easy and versatile and make accessorizing super simple.

If you love the Teardrop, try this style next:

- Florence

- Austen

- Leo

- Nina

- Aster

nickel and suede nova earrings

If you love the Nova or the Willow shape, you like to have a little more fun with your accessories. Maybe you have a creative streak and you enjoy an even bigger statement earring. The Nova has a bit of a retro vibe and you love the fun that it adds to finish an outfit.

If you love the Nova, try this style next:

- Mara

- Aster

- Sloane

- Sweetheart

- Flora

- Posy

nickel and suede gem earrings

The Gem was one of our first patented shapes. We love how edgy it is and it became an instant classic in the N&S family when it launched in 2016. If you love the Gem you probably have a bit of an edgy side and black is a major part of your wardrobe. You like dynamic, face-framing earrings and aren't afraid to try something new. We're here for it and we have a few new styles we'd recommend you try next!

If you love the Gem, try this style next:

- Lennon

- Mila 

- Stevie

- Tori

- Serena

We love our classic, heritage styles, and we also love to design new styles as N&S evolves. As we've expanded our range of leather earrings, we hope you will too! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and share how you've styled your newest N&S pieces lately!
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