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Barbie is Everything: Inspired Looks for the Premier

The upcoming debut of the Barbie movie has us embracing the dreamy world of pink and glamour! As we eagerly anticipate the movie of the Summer, one question remains: What should we wear to celebrate this iconic moment in style? Barbie has always showcased fashion-forward looks and this premier promises to be no different. Whether you are attending a special watch party, viewing in the theater, or simply wanting to channel Barbie in your everyday life, this post will inspire you to dress with the glitz and glamour of Barbie herself. From kitten heels and pink gingham to playful skirts and shimmering accessories, get ready to embrace your inner fashionista and find the perfect look for the debut of the Barbie movie! Shop all accessories here & check out our inspo below!


Now that you have outfit inspiration that captures the essence of a modern-day Barbie, it's time to brush up on our Barbie facts. Check out 10 Little Known Facts About Barbie That Will Surprise You.
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