Going Global- What Inspired Our Summer Collection - Nickel & Suede

Going Global- What Inspired Our Summer Collection

This Summer we are going global with this international collection of neutrals, stones, snakes, evil eyes and more. We've traveled the globe (mostly metaphorically) and been inspired by so many eclectic and bohemian colors and shapes as we designed this season's leather earrings, stud earrings and more. Here a few concepts that inspired this season's pieces. 

- Snakes: I actually hate real snakes. There is almost nothing worse, but a snake icon, can sometimes be just the right thing. Taylor Swift's Reputation album definitely fits with the snakes in this collection and I'd definitely wear these earrings to any Eras concert. 

- Evil Eyes: This charm is actually one that wards off evil. We've added evil eyes in several pieces this season and love the addition of these icons. 

- Natural stones: This season we have added some really beautiful natural stones to our product line. These hoops have so many cute stone bead options. The shimmer of this bead is just to die for. 

- Tassels: Tassels are such a great boho element. We have a tassel earring planned in the coming weeks that really incorporates this vibe.

- Oversized Hoops: Big, dramatic hoops are such a staple in so many cultures. I love the new XL and L hoops we have added in both gold and silver

- Eclectic Fabrics: As I consider dressing for Summer, I love looking for fun eclectic prints. These can be worn in a kimono, loose pants or pretty dresses. 

I hope this collection in inspires you to plan a little exploring, trying new things and being adventurous. My favorite way to travel is to visit new cities, try new foods and shop in new places. I love to see how people express themselves through what they wear and how they live. But you can even do that in your own city. Treat yourself to some new bohemian inspired accessories and plan something fun in your city or abroad this season!
XO, Kilee


red leather earring nickel and suede


Ever wondered about the symbolism behind evil eye jewelry? Read more here. 

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