Ear Stacking 101: How to Curate Your Ear - Nickel & Suede

Ear Stacking 101: How to Curate Your Ear

In recent years, the popularity of ear stacking and multiple piercings has grown significantly, with many woman re-piercing or getting multiple piercings for the first time. We started offering piercing events in our retail stores and have seen so many women and girls come out to get pierced! In this post, I'll share my favorite tips for ear stacking, how to curate based on different numbers of ear piercings, and provide you with some helpful tips on how to achieve the perfect ear stack. 

nickel and suede leather earrings



Layer your ear with the largest earring in your first hole and go smaller as you go up your ear. 

- Start with a statement earring- whether it's a leather earring or another material, the best rule of thumb is to wear your biggest earring in your first ear.

- Keep your metals all the same. I'm a fan of mixing it up (more on that in a later post), but to keep it simple and always get it right, stick with either gold or silver metals.  

- If you have only two holes, put a super small hoop or a cute stud in your second hole. This hoop is one I keep in constantly. And I love these studs! 2mm, 3mm or 4mm is a great size for your second hole.

- If you have three holes (like me), I like to put a basic little hoop in my second hole and a small stud in the third hole. 2mm or 3mm is a gpod size for a third hole. 

- Finish the look with an ear cuff. No matter how many piercings you have, an ear cuff can create the illusion of an extra hole without the piercing. The Essential Ear Cuff in gold or silver is adjustable and is very wearable for everyday. 

Don't be afraid to start small and gradually build up your ear stack over time. This will give you the opportunity to see what works for you. If you only have one piercing, consider getting a second, or trying an ear cuff to change up your look.

 purple leather earring nickel and suede

My favorite earrings for a first hole: 

Hammmered Gold Nina

Soft Sand Austen

Gold Leaf Juno

My favorite earrings for a second hole:

Halo Huggie

Chloe Huggie

Pink Sweetheart Studs

My favorite earrings for a third hole:

Pearl Stud

Black Crystal Stud

Iridescent Stud

My favorite earrings for a helix piercing:

Chloe Bar Stud

Lightning Bolt Stud Earring

Halo Huggie Hoop

Stay tuned for ear stacking 201 and 301- there are so many ways to create a fun ear party with leather earrings, studs, ear cuffs and more. 
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