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International Women's Day : N&S with Days For Girls

As a female-founded company that employs over 90% women, Nickel & Suede has real interest and investment in issues that face women and girls, locally and all over the world. Women's History Month and International Women's Day are times where we especially want to highlight organziations and people that do good for women all-year round. Days for Girls is a non-profit organization that aims to empower women and girls worldwide through access to quality menstrual care and education. We have donated to their mission in the past and continue to support their efforts. Founded in 2008 by Celeste Mergens, Days for Girls has grown to become a global movement that has impacted the lives of millions of women and girls across more than 144 countries.

Days For Girls Syrian Girls- International Womens day

Days for Girls' mission is to ensure that every girl and woman has access to quality menstrual care and education, regardless of her socio-economic background, cultural beliefs, or geographic location. They do this by providing sustainable menstrual solutions that are affordable, accessible, and culturally appropriate. Days for Girls understands that menstruation is more than just a biological process. It is a complex social and cultural issue that affects every aspect of a woman's life. The organization recognizes that many women and girls face significant barriers in accessing menstrual care, such as taboos, stigma, and lack of resources. This can result in health issues, missed opportunities for education and work, and perpetuate gender inequality.

To tackle these challenges, Days for Girls takes a holistic approach to menstrual health. They work with local volunteers and partners to provide comprehensive menstrual education programs that address the social, cultural, and economic barriers that women and girls face. They also provide sustainable menstrual products such as washable pads, menstrual cups, and hygiene kits that are designed to last for up to three years, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for women and girls.

Donations to the organization go towards supporting the training of local volunteers, manufacturing and distributing menstrual products, and expanding the reach of their programs. Our local chapter is working on kits and supplies for countries like Cuba, Turkey and Syria. There really is no shortage of places in the world that need more support in mentrual solitions. 

international women's day and days for girls

So how can you help? This month we are donating 25% of proceeds on our Posy and Petal styles to Days for Girls. You can also donate directly on our N&S donation page, or purchase supplies from the offical Amazon wishlist. Each purchase will ship directly to the kit centers and go to women and girls in need. 




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