Shop the statement earrings that started it all. Gold teardrop leather earrings were the first pair of lightweight leather jewelry created for the Nickel & Suede earrings store. It is easy to see how this bestselling statement earring style could launch a movement toward comfortable, high-quality statement earrings. This universally flattering shape remains a staple of any Nickel & Suede collection for design, comfort, and style. Because of our leather jewelry's superior quality and versatility, Nickel & Suede can offer this statement style in a large variety of lightweight leathers. This statement earring style provides smooth, shiny metallic that mimic even the highest quality of metal statement earrings. These lightweight leather earrings are also available in highly detailed and textured leather. We offer Teardrop statement styles for any style choice, from the softest suedes to pebbled, trellis, crosshatch, woven, or knit texture. We are proud to offer this flagship statement earring in our online earring store in various colors and tones to complete any ensemble. In addition to the dozens of textures and colors in which our Teardrop statement earrings are available, we are also proud to offer them in four sizes. We aim to make comfortable and flattering leather jewelry for all sizes and body types.