As the sun sets earlier and nights grow a little longer, there’s an undeniable enchantment of the fall season. Drawing inspiration from the hues of the Aurora Borealis, midnight constellations, and astrological harmony this luxe collection promises to capture the essence of the season. It’s time to embrace this ethereal moment with accessories that align with your own cosmic beauty. This collection is a fusion of celestial elegance and autumnal charm, designed to elevate your style. Here is a glimpse into the inspiration behind our Celestial Fall Collection.

  1. Everyday Elegance: Transitional jewelry adorned from day to night. The statement design of these pieces infuses depth into a casual outfit. Pair with knit sweaters, neutral vests, straight leg denim, and chunky boots to achieve an effortless street style look that can take you from meetings to an evening out.
  1. Metallic Minimalism: The metallic palette of the collection offers endless possibilities for creating elegant, chic looks. To create bold statement earrings in this collection, we pair minimalistic chains with our classic lightweight leather that gives the appearance and shine of metal. Tip: Try mixing different metal tones in your ear, necklace, & rings stacks to level up your style.
  1. Cosmic Couture: Let your accessories steal the spotlight with exaggerated shapes, styles, & textures. Designed to make a high fashion statement, we found inspiration straight from current trends. Combine these accessories with a bold leather jacket, knee high boots, or even a flare of bejeweled makeup to achieve that runway ready look.
  1. Layer with Chain Details: Complete your look by accessorizing head to toe. Experiment with celestial hair clips, mixed metal ear stacks, or cinch your waist with a simple chain belt to add a level dimension to your outfit. Whether you want to achieve a casual, edgy, or elegant look, chains are the perfect versatile accent.
Designed to capture the allure of a starlit sky, these elegant accessories promise to enhance any outfit. Align your seasonal style with the cosmic beauty and astrological aesthetic of these unforgettable pieces. Shop the Celestial Collection this week. 
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