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The story behind celestial

The word "celestial" was to describe things closely associated with the heavens and the realm above. It encompassed a spectrum of entities, from angels and spirits to stars and planets. "Celestial" traces its origins back to Latin, where it translates to "caelestis," a term intimately connected to the sky or one that metaphorically reaches the very ceiling itself.


In the realm of astronomy and astrology, "celestial" reigns supreme, a term that encompasses all objects and phenomena that grace the vastness of the sky and outer space. Here, celestial bodies take center stage, comprising stars (cosmo junos), planets, moons such as our (crescent hair clip), and a pantheon of cosmic entities (Cosmo Ninas). Celestial events, whether it be the mesmerizing dance of a solar eclipse or the meteoric spectacle of a shower, captivate the hearts and minds of enthusiasts, who study these celestial wonders with curiosity.

The word "celestial" is a language tapestry, woven with threads of profound mysteries of the universe. It has transcended time and culture, finding a place in the diversity of civilizations, each imbuing it with their own unique interpretations and significance. From the heavenly realms of religious belief to the charted courses of celestial bodies in the night sky, "celestial" remains a word that invites us to gaze upward, contemplate the infinite, and marvel at the beauty and complexity of the cosmos. In the end, the fascination with the celestial is a testament to humanity's curiosity and our endless quest to understand the universe in all its intricacy.

In our modern age, "celestial" extends its reach far beyond the realms of antiquity and superstition. We’ve incorporated this collection into our fall collection, as it has become so vastly popular. And yet, its interpretation remains contingent upon the cultural lenses through which it is perceived. "Celestial" conjures notions of divinity, cosmic wonder, and the ethereal, reminding us of the infinite expanse above and the mysteries that continue to beckon us to explore our new collection, celestially-inspired styled collection, crafted with genuine Italian leather and cosmic details.
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