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Italy in Style

Finally back in Italy! Soren and I just returned from one of our favorite destinations and we had the best time. Every year we go to Milan and Florence to visit the leather expos and to visit with our factories. Our leather all comes from tanneries in Italy and it's exciting to go design and research so close to the source. And most recently, the handbags that we released this year are made in Florence so we enjoy visiting the team there and planning for the future!

Packing for a trip, especially international, can be both exciting and overwhelming, so I tried to stick with a color palette that would allow for numerous outfit combinations. Neutral pieces were of course the foundation, choosing classic colors like black, beige, grey, and cream. Besides my basics, I chose patterns like a bold stripe and cheetah print to add a bit more dimension to every look. Then I introduced a pop of color, opting for a deep evergreen shade that added a bit of interest without overwhelming the aesthetic.

Lake Como

The first stop on our Italian tour was the beautiful Lake Como, a perfect scenic backdrop. We had a very loose weekend planned for Como, so I just brought casual clothes I would be able to layer and be active in. We ended up with some rain on those days so it was nice to layer and I always wore sneakers, making it easy to hop on bikes and go! 


Milan is a big city and we mostly worked while we were there. It's bustling, much like NYC, and there were lots of people there getting ready for fashion week. We had two expos to attend that week, and lots of appointments so I tried to put together professional looks that still stood out. I wore an oversized chic, black blazer most days and my Adidas sambas. Adidas were the shoe of choice everywhere you looked. And you couldn't go wrong in an all black outfit- it's a common choice in the city and can be made special with the right accessories.


Florence is a beautiful city and although it is busy with lots of tourists, it seems more calm and charming than Milan. We shopped and ate a lot in Florence after we visited our factory. We love to sight-see Florence and it's a very walkable city, so comfort is a must. Skirts and sneakers was a super great choice for staying cool and looking chic. Trousers were also a great way to feel put together, but look more chic than jeans. I recommend a pair of gray or khaki ones to mix and match with basic tees and sneakers. 

Overall, my strategy when packing for Europe is to bring a lot of basics that I can mix and match and then accessories to change things up. On this trip, I had a lot of fun with our Cassanova Cord necklace- worn on it's own or with charms. The Ramona threader was also a great one to mix in my ear stacks. But my biggest tip, is to not over-pack! You'll want to shop while you are in Italy, and you'll regret not leaving more room in your suitcase! I hope these ideas and tips helped you and inspired you in your dressing this week. You don't have to be in Europe to dress like it!




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