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Spooky Style: Costume Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner, and we have curated a list of the most popular costumes that will be stealing the show. Whether you are going for spooky, playful, DIY, or trendy, a costume is not complete without the details. We have thoughtfully paired costume inspiration with magical accessories that are sure to elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Wednesday Addams: This spooky season, our team is channeling our inner dark side with costumes that are as eerie as they are elegant. Dress in all black, with a lacy white collar, accessorize with onyx sweetheart huggies, an oversized choker, and asymmetrical Raven Astras, and finish the look with your hair in sleek long braids to mimic Wednesday Addams’s iconic style.




Barbie: Embrace the era of Barbie this season with a costume that radiates glamour. Anyone who is anyone will be dressing for the DreamHouse, just don’t forget all the accessories that will make the look unforgettable. Style a gingham pink dress with pearl hoops, a gold seashell choker, and the small pink mini tote to fully become Barbie. 


Daisy Jones & The Six: Get into the groovy vibes of the 70’s with a Daisy Jones costume that promises to be as free spirited as it is stylish. Inspired by the iconic character from the Taylor Jenkins Reid novel, this costume is guaranteed easy to recreate. Pair the bohemian flowy style with denim flare, a gold chain belt, leather cord necklace and large statement earrings like the Zeppelin to capture the spirit of the era.


Hermoine Granger: A classic female icon, embrace the wizarding brilliance of Hermione Granger at a moment of true elegance, the winter Yule Ball Dance. A true Harry Potter fan knows that in this scene, Hermione is the star of the show, and the aura of this costume can make you feel just the same. Dress in your best, accessorizing with a glamorous tennis necklace, the gilded fuchsia prima wristlet, and constellation hair clips to recreate this elegant, magical look.   

As Halloween approaches, and we all start to think about coming up with the best costume, don’t forget the power of accessorizing. Let this blog inspire you with a few of the most popular costumes of this years’ spooky season.
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